Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are all popular social media platforms but LinkedIn is a hub when it comes to franchise leads and sales. Nearly 500-million profiles are registered on LinkedIn, which offers excellent outreach tools for franchisors to make use of. Nearly 40% of total social media franchise sales take place via LinkedIn, which should not be a huge surprise considering the business-focused branding that LinkedIn has to offer. Despite this, many franchise owners allow conversion opportunities to fall through the cracks regularly. With this post, we want to help you make the most of your franchise’s LinkedIn presence.

Encourage Sharing Within Your Franchise Group

Abandoned profiles scare franchise leads away quickly so keep the conversation flowing. You can ensure this happens by encouraging members of your franchise family to share more. Posts often receive more visibility and authority when they are shared by multiple people as well as liked by many. Encourage members of your franchise to jump in on the conversation in a way that benefits everyone.

Fill Everything Out Completely

Make the most of your profile if you are going to have one. Fill out all applicable sections, including as much detail as you can. Be sure to fill out any past charity work in the “Volunteer & Causes” section because it is not every day you have an opportunity to talk up all you have accomplished. Such details may resonate well with a potential buyer but since you do not know what exactly will hit home with any single prospective buyer, it is important that you fill everything out.

Study Numbers

Set up conversion goals in your Analytics account to keep track of certain leads from LinkedIn. Review your metrics as often as you can to ensure you are staying on track in order to generate as many leads as possible for your franchise.