Generate new franchise leads with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a large player in the franchise sales game. According to the 2014 Franchise Development Report, the internet was the leading franchise sales source in 2013, with annual sales rapidly increasing through social media each year. Nearly forty percent of the social media franchise sales were originated via LinkedIn.

All of that to say, if you are running ads for your franchise everywhere but LinkedIn, you are missing a major component of a solid franchise marketing strategy.  LinkedIn can have a major impact on your businesses ability to snag leads and convert those looking to step into entrepreneurship. Below are some ways you can use LinkedIn to support your franchise development strategy.

Review Your Competitors

You can better position your franchise toward your target audience by reviewing your competitors’ LinkedIn company profiles and those of franchise execs who are affiliated with competing franchises. Pay attention to their updates, pictures, listed specialties, file attachments and any other details in their profiles that seem to stand out to you.


Updates will increase your profile’s longevity on LinkedIn. Enriching content on your LinkedIn business profile is also a great way to grab your audiences attention. You can post content related to new location openings, media mentions, franchisee testimonials, exposition attendance, awards and recognitions and charitable activities, to name a few.

Sponsored Updates

Sponsored updates are a great way to maximize specific posts to a certain audience. By targeting people based on certain parameters, such as current job title, age, location, work experience, skills and more, you can choose who will see your posts. Sponsored updates are a cost-effective way to ensure the right people are viewing your updates. Learn more here.