Always Include a Call to Action

Be sure to include a Call to Action (CTA) button at the top of your business page on Facebook. You can choose a button appropriate to your business, such as “Send a message”, “Call Now” or “Sign up”.

Host Events and Contests

Host events to gain information from prospects. When you host an event, potential buyers will have to fill in a registration form, which happens to include their contact details.

Contests are a great way to attract qualified leads. Who doesn’t love interesting Facebook contests? Create monthly, weekly, or daily contests to keep your followers engaged.

Redirect Landing Pages

You can easily bring in leads by sending leads to landing pages that are created specifically for lead generation. Send your consumers to relevant landing pages with content that will attract your leads is a smart way to gain leads.

Post Blogs that Have Proven to Generate Leads

Choose titles and content that have proven to be popular with your readers when blogging. Post snippets from these blogs with interesting images on your Facebook page to attract more qualified leads.

Use the Correct Ad Campaign

There are many types of Facebook ad campaigns. You must carefully choose an ad type that will generate qualified leads for your franchise. You also need to determine if your customers should be sent to a video, your website or a download page or to a CTA.

To learn more about Facebook Franchise lead generation, reach out to us today!