Collection ads are killing it. Here is how they can work for you.

It is no secret that Facebook is a powerhouse when it comes to effective advertising. But with a number of different types of ads you can run, it is important to know which can unlock the platform’s full potential for your franchise.

Among the Facebook ad options you can choose from, Collection ads have been proven to be very successful. Collection ads are a format of advertisement that makes it easier for users to browse, discover, and purchase products and services in a way that is both visual and immersive. According to Facebook, many businesses have experienced drastic changes in conversion rates because of Collection ads. Collection ads can be created to build awareness of your franchise and to bring in new franchisees.

All About Collection Ads

Facebook Collection ads are relatively new, coming out in 2017. They did not take long to become the forerunners in the race of Facebook advertising, however, as a result of great design, strong performance and customization options. Collection ads are designed to maximize mobile user experience, which is great since people in the US spend approximately 20 percent of their time on their mobile devices on Facebook or Instagram. Data has proven that collection ads are a great tool for lead generation.

A Collection ad typically consists of a cover video or image, which is followed by several product images or advertisements. Collection ads are an excellent way to put a number of your products or services on display without overwhelming your followers.

When your followers click on your ad, they are taken to a full-screen version of the ad, which is designed to get people excited about your product (in this case, your franchise) while boosting engagement. These high-quality ads deliver high-quality traffic to your company.

By playing a simple video on autoplay, you can attract potential franchisees while increasing engagement rates.  Your products can be displayed in the auto-played ad, meaning before a user even clicks on your ad, they have already had opportunity to be exposed to ad copy and learn more about your brand, which may entice them to want to be a part of your franchise themselves.

Let us help you to propel your franchise forward. If you are ready to see high conversion rates through great targeting with Collection ads, or to discuss any other types of Facebook ads that will boost your brand, we are able to help.