LinkedIn is for more than just professionals – it is for businesses too.

LinkedIn is a necessary resource for many business owners and entrepreneurs as it is the world’s largest professional network.  It is not only the ideal network for sourcing and connecting with talent, but is also an invaluable platform for marketing your brand, especially if you are a franchisor looking to attract new franchises.

Just as it is important focusing on the details of your personal page, by generating a LinkedIn company page, you are enabling your franchises’ brand to take advantage of some excellent features the platform has to offer.

Showcase Your Franchise on LinkedIn

Nearly 450 million individuals on LinkedIn showcase their professional talents, experience and accomplishments and you can do the same thing plus more for your franchise. If you haven’t already, the first thing you need to do is create your company page. This should take some time and be something that is done strategically. Do a thorough job of optimizing your page with relevant information that is true to your brand.

Share Relevant Content

Each time you share an update from your company page, all of your followers will potentially see it on their homepage. If a follower comments or likes your update, all of their connections will potentially see their activity, creating more and more reach for your brand.

What’s more, company pages are publicly visible by default, unlike personal profiles, so your SEO ranking can be driven up by simply sharing content on your LinkedIn company page. Be sure to use relevant keywords when you update and optimize your page to improve your search rankings.

Your Employees Represent Your Company

When your employees have active LinkedIn profiles and they update their personal profile “Experience” section with your company name, they are automatically connected with your company page, and there is automatically a direct link to your company page added to their profile. When you employees link to your company page, it increases the chance of their connections clicking the ink to your page, further increasing your visibility.

Analytical Tools

LinkedIn offers analytical tools that give amazing data, such as how many times your posts appear on a user’s device, how many clicks your posts generate and how many interactions your posts receive. These statistics are only available for company pages.

Share Franchise News

LinkedIn not only allows you to make your franchise’s name more known, but it is also an excellent tool for getting the word out to your organization and/or followers. You can pin your most important news to the top of your company page where it will remain until you remove it. This is a great way to ensure your most important information is visible to everyone without getting lost in the mix of frequent updates.

Linkedin can be a valuable social platform for your franchise, but only if you use it properly. If you do not have a properly optimized LinkedIn company page, there is no better time to change that than now. We understand that it can be overwhelming, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or just want to talk strategy for your franchise.